Taking a road trip – 8 reasons why it is so much fun

Taking a road trip- 8 reasons why this is so much fun

Would you like to go on a road trip, on vacation or maybe for a longer period of time?? It has always been my passion to travel a lot and see a lot of the world. Today I’ll give you my eight reasons why it’s fun and maybe give you some ideas.

When to talk about a road trip

A road trip on the road. Usually long distances traveled by car. Something you might not want in three weeks of summer vacation, but when you can travel longer. I myself love road trips. And I’ve made quite a few of them, short trips in the neighborhood, but also long trips that were a long way away.

For example, a friend, my sister and I drove through Australia for a year in a Toyota van, my sister and I had adventures in a Ford for six months in America. And my husband and I with our children who were 3 and 1 at the time took a 7-month road trip in an RV through America and Canada.

America 2001

The travel gene

Visiting beautiful places, experiencing adventures and meeting people is something we were brought up on by our parents. And I also certainly hope that I ignite my children as much with the traveling gene.

Why is taking a road trip so much fun

I am a bohemian, I live the bohemain lifestyle, I love creativity, adventure, nature, discovering places and traveling. And although this is all evan different at the moment, I can also enjoy hiking in my own environment. But that traveling that beckons and although we are now of course tied to the school vacations, we have great plans for “later” but we try now also enough to see at home and abroad.

But why am I having so much fun with this now?

You make the trip

The best thing about a road trip is that you make the trip. I (or rather we) make the itinerary and decide where to go. This is liberating because you decide what to do.

It is nice to take a road map, read books, look for information and look for the most beautiful places.

You see a lot more

By determining the route yourself, but also by just going, you see much more of a country. You make long distances, keep this in mind especially when the children are small. Still, because of the long distances you get to so many more places, than if you stay in one place and take day trips.

It is cheaper

Planning a trip yourself is cheaper than going with a travel agent. Of course a road trip costs money, there’s no getting around that. Especially when you rent an RV.

Now this costs money, as does fuel, food, drink and the campsites. But because you can cook your own meals, determine your own itinerary, you can also make your own expenses.

The trip starts the moment you start the engine

The nice thing about a road trip is that the trip begins the moment you start the engine of the motorhome or car in the morning. Looking at the trip with my family in 2011, we knew roughly which way we would go, but only found out during the trip where we would stop and where we would camp. This ensured that no day was the same, but also ’s the morning you do not know where you ’re at the campsite at night. We like this very much, but also when you want more security you can feel free to take a road trip.

Because you can make plans in advance and fix them.

You don’t have to do anything, but you can do anything

Especially when you have more time, you don’t have to do anything, but you can do everything. My husband and I went to Australia for three weeks in 2007. It wasn’t really feasible to explore the country in three weeks. Not at all because years before I had gone backpacking here for a year.

Then I had all the time. Now we wanted to see a lot, made very long days and rest days we have not had. We had three fantastic weeks, but after those weeks we were ready for another vacation.

If you have more time, you can easily take a day off now and then, do nothing or visit a city. What that then you decide the day

You end up in unexpected situations

Because you don’t know in the morning where you&#8217ll camp at night, you can find yourself in unexpected situations during a road trip, and you have to be able to cope with this. For example, we once had the feeling that when we had done enough driving, there was no campsite nearby. We had to drive a long way before we reached a place.

Also, your car can break down, this I can talk about and then you are suddenly without your place to sleep, where to go then? Being flexible is definitely necessary. But you also end up in very nice unexpected situations. So we were camping in the Cascades NP in America when a gentleman came to us with a whole box full of cars. He moved from Seattle to Florida and had this box in his camper ‘whether the boys liked it.’ When I think back to those delighted faces of the boys when they one by one took those cars’s out of the box, wonderful!

They ended up playing with it for months in America and a large part of it went with them to the Netherlands.

travel, road trip, Seattle

You become more independent

This especially counted for me when I went backpacking in Australia for a year at age twenty-three. Luckily I had just gotten my driver’s license before I left and was able to buy a car here. By traveling, backpacking or a road trip, you learn to be independent, make your own decisions, make adventures and choices.

As for that I recommend a year of backpacking after college to everyone.

You learn to manage with less

On a road trip you learn to manage with little. You live in a small space for a longer period of time, have little stuff, like clothes with you and don’t worry about so many things anymore. It’s wonderful not to have to worry about day-to-day issues but just be preoccupied with the journey.

If we can again, we’re off

How wonderful it will be when we can hit the road again; long trips, short trips, a road trip or to a city, it doesn’t really matter. As long as we can! As long as we can pack up the tent and move on.

Maybe I have been able to enthuse you to travel more, to see more of the world when you can, but my big message is really;’ do what you feel good about.’ I think we have learned this through all the constraints of the past year. Do what you want, there will always be obligations.

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