The cutest children’s reading books for 7-10 year olds

The best children’s reading books for 7-10 year olds

There are always one or two children’s books on the boys’ wish lists. We are lucky in our house that everyone loves reading. (Children’s) books are always fun to give, then, but also to get.

Wish lists

Here at home the boys like to read and read a lot. These are really not just children’s books. They also like to read Donald Duckies or other comic books. That’s why there are always a few children’s books and Donald Duck paperbacks on the wish lists. Recently I received a couple of press releases with books that are also fun to give at the holidays.

Books for ages seven and up

Two children’s books for seven-year-olds are:

The Christmasaurus- Tom Fletcher

Meet Willen Tuffer, a ten-year-old boy who absolutely loves dino’s. It’s not always easy at school: the new girl in the class, Brenda Kwal does everything she can to make his life difficult. And oh yes, he is also in a wheelchair. But then something magical happens.. For Christmas he has only one wish: his own dino! Although Santa can provide lots of gifts’s, a dinosaur seems impossible. Or not?

Grandma Knetter Oud&Stout- Sophy Henn

Jet’s grandmother is STOUT. Sometimes that’s a little uncomfortable, but it’s actually HUGE fun. especially if Jet gets to join in with her mischievous adventures! Some people think to old to be so naughty, but that doesn’t matter to Jet’s grandmother. Who loves to have fun!

This series for readers ages 7 and up are told from the perspective of almost 8-year-old Jet and has cheerful, funny and, above all, popping illustrations.

What children’s reading books are fun for a nine-year-old

Klaas Can Do Anything- You too? Yanick Fritschy- Marlen Hoebe

In this popular science book, television presenter Klaas van Kruistum tries out the craziest professions for a day, takes on fe most impossible missions and tries to beat an expert in his own field of expertise! With the help of all the cool gadgets, of course, but it’s not just K;aad who tries everything . Readers can also do all sorts of interesting experiments.

Klaas Can Do Anything- You Too? Yanick Fritschy- Marlen Hoebe

And these books are for the ten year olds

The goldfish boy- Lisa Thompson

12-year-old Matthew suffers from OCD, He scrubs his hands over and over, is terrified of germs and hasn’t been to school in weeks. To pass the time, he looks out his bedroom window and takes notes on his neighbors’ daily concerns. Nothing much. Until one day a toddler, Teddy goes missing and Matthew turns out to be the last person to have seen him. It is up to Matthew to investigate. Will Matthew manage to solve the mystery? Even if it means facing his own fears and leaving the safety of his home.

The boy under water- Adam Baron

Timon Titus has never swum in his life. So it makes sense that he dreads it immensely when he has to swim with school. Fortunately, he is well prepared: he googled the breast crawl and he has an old swimming trunk from his father. Now nothing can go wrong anymore! But then his life is completely turned upside down. After the fiasco in the swimming pool, there appears to be a big family mystery that only Timon and his friends can solve, because of course the adults won’t tell him anything again. Will Timor manage to find all the answers?

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