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The right Sim Only subscription, how to do that?

The subscription for your cell phone expires and you are faced with the choice, a new phone (with accompanying subscription) or go for a Sim only subscription.

The advantages of a Sim Only subscription

Go for a Sim Only subscription? Then what are the benefits :

  • More freedom; you are no longer necessarily stuck with a subscription that runs for several years. With a sim -only subscription you have the choice of a months, annual or two year subscriptions.
  • Lower Costs; You don’t have to pay off your Phone every month which will significant lower your months fee.
  • No credit check; with a sim -only subscription no credit check is done. For a subscription with a mobile phone, where the value is higher than € 250,- a credit check is done.

What Exactly is Sim Only?

In Short, A Subscription for Your Phone Without A New Device. When your subscription expires but your device is still in good condition, a sim -only subscription comes in handy. Buying a cell phone separate and also a sim -only subscription is generally cheaper.

With a Sim Only Subscription You Only Pay For The Data (MB), Minutes and SMS You Want to use.

How to Choose the Best And Cheapest Subscription?

To finally choose the best subscription with cheapest sim only, you need to list a few things for yourself.

Check your monthly usage

The amount of data/minutes/messages you use can often be seen on old invoices. You could also check if you use Wi-Fi a lot. The golden tip is not to bet too high right away.

Many providers offer the possibility to change your subscription during the subscription period to fit your needs. Beware here, many providers only offer a modification when it comes to increasing the subscription.

Read the terms and conditions

Avoid surprises by carefully reading the conditions in advance. This prevents you from unexpected extra costs if you call or use internet abroad, for example.

Prepare, compare and conclude

As mentioned earlier, it is good to know in advance what your monthly usage is. If you know this, comparison sites can easily show which provider suits you best. So comparing your Sim only can save a lot of time and possibly money.

After the comparison you can easily set up your subscription.

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