The results after one year of Soulstyling Club

The results after one year soulstyling club!

A year ago in January I had my first lesson of the Soulstyling club. A club of ladies that year wanted to learn more about clothes, styles, tidying and so much more. What have I learned this year and what have I changed in terms of clothing choices?. Today I take you briefly through this year of thinking differently and looking differently at my (clothing) style.

Soulstyling Club

At the end of 2016, I signed up for the Soulstyling Club. A club of ladies under Karin Frenay’s guidance would take a look at their clothing style and discover new styles. But the club went further, much further. In one year, I not only learned to discover my style, but we looked at our wants and needs. Looking at colors, fabrics and even a piece of psychology was covered.

Assignments and Pinterest

Every week I received a workbook and video from Karin via e-mail. The videos’re clear and very inspiring. Karin has a nice voice to listen to and gives good tips and ideas. Furthermore, I received a workbook every week, with assignments. We were able to discuss these orders on the Soulstyling Club’s private Facebook page. The assignments were fun to do and took some more time than others. The assignments like, cleaning out your closet, searching on Pinterest for the clothes you really liked ( no matter what it cost) and making collage’s, were a lot of fun. Through the closed group on Facebook we got a lot of tips,. You can also receive these,because Karin also has a Facebook site where everyone can take a look, for tips and ideas

The first classes

If the first lessons were mainly focused on cleaning out your closet, the assignments quickly turned to looking at yourself critically and the style you wear. We made collages’s and stood critically in front of the mirror, looking at our clothes and picking them out. But also conscious shopping and trying on clothes you would never buy, but just tried on to see how it would look. Fun and inspiring assignments.

What topics came up for discussion included

  • Styling tips
  • What accessories suit you
  • Psychology of Style
  • What fabrics do you like
  • What is your figure and what looks best on you

What I learned

This past year I have learned a lot about clothing, style and myself. Got dressed better? Absolutely! I store more consciously? definitely! I know which colors and styles suit me? Yes! I own less clothes but wear everything? Yep. The lessons made me more aware of my clothing choices. These days I wear more tight sweaters, tight skirts to over the knee, nice fitting jeans and cute cardigans and tunics. I no longer hide my body under thick sweaters, but dare to stand out for my figure because I know it looks good on me.

Are you also interested in the Soulstyling Club, take a look at the site and get inspired about your (clothing) style. The Soulstyling Club will also have Challenges again this year ( from March 1 to 7 the -free- Mix& Match challenge) and keep giving online advice. So sign up for the newsletter and stay up to date on all the plans.

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