The Vintage Initial Necklace from My Jewellery

The Vintage Initial Necklace by My Jewellery

At My Jewellery you buy not only jewelry, also clothing and accessories can be found here. I love the clothes, but I also love the jewelry. Today ‘In the spotlight’ the Vintage Initial Necklace.

The My Jewellery collection

I personally like the My Jewellery collection. Why? Because with both the clothing and the jewelry, they are totally in keeping with the Bohemian style that I love so much. Besides online, the My Jewellery collection and jewelry can also be found in various brick-and-mortar stores Near our village, since April there is also a store that sells both the clothing and the jewelry and when I’m in town, I always take a look.

The jewelry from My Jewellery

The jewelry from My Jewellery I wear myself. This is how I always wear a bracelet from the Mother&Daughter collection. I gave my mom the Mother bracelet for Mother’s Day and I wear the daughter bracelet myself. Also my mom always wears it and I think this is a nice thing, so of us together.

Dhe Vintage Initial Necklace

My Jewellery is now coming out with a new collection. Another one that is special. Namely the Initial collection. My Jewellery’s Initials jewelry collection is the perfect gift for your loved one during the holidays. Nice for example to wear several letters at once. Combine your loved one’s Initials and your own, or choose the letters of your children. That makes it extra personal. If you like classic, then the Vintage Initial Necklace is a good choice. My Jewellery’s Initials Collection is made of stainless steel, which doesn’t discolor, so you can wear it anytime.

Do you also love jewelry, fashion and the Bohemian Style. At My Jewellery you have a lot of choice and you will always succeed!

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