Discover the Christmas atmosphere in Germany

You will experience this year with eight Christmas markets A real Christmas atmosphere. Because after a year skipped due to COVID, Düsseldorf is currently preparing all the preparations for the reopening of Christmas markets. Just a little different, but just as nice!

Christmas experience in Düsseldorf

This year the Christmas market in Düsseldorf will be more extensive than other years with eight Christmas markets. This to better spread the public. Now there will be a little fewer huts and stalls on every Christmas market than in previous years. The mutual distance between the huts will also be increased.

Furthermore, you can of course experience a Christmas experience as always!

Christmas markets full of experiences

The Christmas market in Düsseldorf will again be full this year with fairy -tale sets. Hundreds of stalls, fairy -tale lighting, a skating rink, Ferris wheel and of course there is plenty of mulled wine. The eight Christmas markets each have their own atmosphere and character and can all be reached within walking distance of each other.

The eight Christmas markets

Where in Düsseldorf you can now find these Christmas markets? You can find the Altstad Markt in the Marktstrasse and Flainger Strasse. You can find the Handwerker Markt for the Town Hall and the Schadow Markt in the Schadowstrasse. The Kö-Bogen market is moving to the Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz this year. And you will find the stars -lit Sternchen Markt in the courtyard of the Wilhelm Marx House.

The Engels market, recognizable by the many gold-colored images of angels above the stalls can be found on the Heinrich-Heine-Platz. The Märchen market -with around 15.000 LED lamps is rightly called Fairytale Market- Located on the Schadowplatz. There will also be a Christmas market on the famous Köningsallee shopping street for the first time: the Kö-Licher-Market.

All information plus a map where the locations of the markets can be found here.

By train to Germany

The tourism agency in Düsseldorf calls on visitors from the Netherlands to come by train as much as possible. From the Hauptbahnhof you can walk into the center. For a visit to the markets – depending on possible later changes by Corona Maat Regulations – one must be in possession of a COVID QR code, recovery or negative test ticket.

Incidentally, checks are carried out.

Opening hours markets

The Christmas markets in Düsseldorf are open daily from November 18 to December 30, 2021 (with the exception of November 21 and December 25). The Christmas markets can be visited from 11.00 to 20.00 am and on Friday evening and Saturday evening until 21.00 hours. For the children it is also great to go to the Christmas market.

There is a skating rink on CorneliUSplatz and a Ferris wheel with heated cabins on Burgplatz.

Dutch -language tour with guide

The VVV organizes Dutch guided tours of the Christmas markets especially for visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium. The price for a 2 -hour tour is 17 euros per person. Hereby including a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate and a Christmas cake.

Dates are 20 and 27 November and 4, 11 and 18 December. Reservation is possible here.

Sniff culture

If you want to sniff even more culture in Düsseldorf in addition to the Christmas feeling, that is possible. Visit one of the 20 museums here. For example, the Captivate exhibition is in the Kunstpalast Museum until January 9, 2022! To be seen, a photo exhibition about fashion in the 90s, compiled by Claudia Schiffer.

In the same museum is also the electronic music exhibition "Electro. From Kraftwerk to Techno ’from 9 December 2021 to 15 May 2022.

Finally that Christmas atmosphere again

How nice it will be if the Christmas markets can all be again this year. Now you can of course go to a nice market in the Netherlands, but if we can go abroad again, it is of course also very nice to be able to get the Christmas experience in Germany. What is your favorite Christmas market?

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