Mario Golf Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch

Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch- Review

A new game was released for the Nintendo Switch at the end of June. Mario Golf: Super Rush. In this game, you take your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom to the golf course for a super fast game of golf.

Playing alone or with more is a lot of fun.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

With Mario Golf Rush, the Mario Golf series returns in its fastest form ever. Players can interact with various Mushroom Kingdom characters in a variety of game modes for one to four players. Once again, a very fun game for the Nintendo Switch. Now we are not golfers at home, but the simple button controls make the game doable for beginners and pros alike. What you do is simply choose the direction, you determine the power of your stroke and hit the ball into the air.

Players can arc the ball around obstacles, as well as give backspin or topspin to the ball to determine how it will roll after landing. Several features help you perform better, including a stroke meter that adjusts to the angle of the slope and a scan that lets you analyze the terrain.

Choose your own character

You can choose from a cast of 16 characters in Mario Golf: Super Rush, all familiar from the Mushroom Kingdom. They all have their own features and special abilities. Players can enter the fairway with up to three other players, both locally and online. There are no less than six lush golf courses, including standard courses and courses with special obstacles. Because of this every game of golf is different.

Via free updates this will be enriched in the future with additional courses and playable characters.

choose your characters

Take on friends and family

In standard golf every stroke counts. The one with the lowest score wins. While in speed golf all players start at once in a race across the course and all try to be the first to putt their ball. Collect items to replenish your energy and dodge the obstacles on the court. You’ll need more than just good technique to leave your opponents in the dust.

Use super sprints and special strokes to outpace your opponents and take the victory to your name!

learn to play golf


When I received this game I was very curious how we would do. After all, we have never played a round of golf here at home. I can say right away that we are having an awful lot of fun with Mario Golf: Super Rush You’ll notice right away, by the way, that my kids play on the Nintendo Switch much more often than I do.

I occasionally play Harvest Moon: One World, but the boys play a game much more often and know the buttons so well, of the characters they know what they are and are not good at and they just know the whole Nintendo much better than I do. You notice that in the game.

Fun and pleasure

The boys immediately understand what to do, whereas at first I always press, turn or move the button too early, too late or not at all. Yet at the beginning it is clearly explained how the game and the other games work. This is all super clear.

My clumsiness is really in being less competent with the Nintendo Switch. The game Mario Golf: Super Rush causes a lot of fun and enjoyment here at home, because how nice it is to be able to hit a ball from the comfort of your own living room. It is fun to practice your strokes, hit the ball with an effect and then succeed at it. And that delight when you get exactly where you want to be.

The great thing about this game is that there are so many options, we can have a lot of golfing fun for the foreseeable future.

Mario Golf: Super Rush (for the Nintendo Switch)- Review

A game for the whole family

Even if you are not a golf player Mario Golf: Super Rush is a fun game for the whole family. It is fun, you have competition with each other but of course you can also play the game alone. You really have to practice until you get the right stroke, the game is not easy to master.

Are you the boss on the golf course? Let’s see it!!

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