The National Read Aloud Days- miffy feel book and flap book

National Read Aloud Days- miffy tactile book and flap book

From January 20 to 30, 2021, The National Read Aloud Days will take place. Are you still looking for a nice picture book for your (grand) children? There are now two new miffy books for interactive reading aloud.

The National Read Aloud Days

Every year there are the National Read Aloud Days. Very good, because reading aloud is not only great fun, it’s also very good for your child. And although it now looks like the schools will be partially closed by the time the Read Aloud Days are over, of course it will continue. On the site of The National Read Aloud Days they also give coronaproof tips to still be able to hold a Read Aloud Breakfast for example.

Picture Book of the Year

The picture book of the year 2021 is ‘Coco can do it’. This book will be central in schools during the National Read Aloud Days. Coco can do it! is a new picture book by Loes Riphagen, one is a story about gathering courage and being able to do more than you think. It’s time for little Coco to spread her wings. All the other baby birds have already flown out. But it’s not that easy for Coco. What if she falls really hard? But if she takes the plunge, she could also make new friends. Luckily Coco has a wise mother who gives her just the push she needs.

More picture books

Now, of course, there are many more fun read-aloud books. Miffy is also coming out with two new interactive read-aloud books:

The miffy feeler book, animals

Miffy sees a sheep. But something’s not right: that yellow belly belongs to a different animal… So whose belly does it belong to??

This colorful book introduces toddlers to different animals and some of their physical characteristics. Does the hippo have a soft belly? And what color is the chicken’s belly? Extra fun: when you press the soft tummy, you hear a squeaky sound!

The National Read Aloud Days- miffy feel and flap book

Miffy flap book, a gift for everyone

Miffy and her friends all got a present. What would be in their packages? Miffy gets a teddy bear. What will boris get?

Guess along and look under the flaps to discover what’s inside the packages.

The National Reading Days- miffy feel book and flap book

Reading together is so much more fun

Now that it’s National Read Aloud Days, the importance of reading aloud comes back into focus and that’s good. Because as much as children enjoy it, not every parent has the time or inclination to do so. Yet it is a moment of rest together with your child, which can do you both good. Definitely do it!

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