The most beautiful jewelry you can give your daughter

The best jewelry you can give your daughter

Would you like to give a beautiful piece of jewelry to your daughter? This is a truly special gift. Whether you give this gift on her fourth birthday or on her sixteenth: it is super special. When you give your girl a piece of jewelry at a young age, of course she will only wear it for a few years at most since it won’t fit later on. But if you give a piece of jewelry when she is sixteen, then it really is a gift for life. In this blog you will find inspiration for such’a beautiful jewelry gift.

A bracelet for your daughter

A very special gift: a bracelet. Giving your daughter a bracelet on her Sweet Sixteen is very special. You as a mother choose the bracelet with love and attention. Look at the shape: what she normally likes to wear? And the color: do you go for silver or (rose) gold? Personally, I love the bracelets from Ti Sento Milano. They are silver bracelets with one or more colored stones embedded in them. The bracelets are ideal because they can grow with your daughter’s wrist. They can be worn from quite narrow, but have extra eyelets that allow you to extend them from 16 mm to 20 mm.

A ring

A ring also makes a great gift for your daughter. My father gave me a ring when I was eighteen and I still wear it today. For me it is really a very special ring. I do have to confess that I went to pick out this ring with my dad, because buying a ring for someone is pretty tricky. With a ring, size is particularly important. Of course, you can take a ring from your daughter and stick with that size, but what if she would like to wear it on another finger? Besides, it’s also nice that your daughter can pick out the ring with you, since a ring is of course always visible. It’s really nice if she likes the look of it too.


Does your daughter have holes in her ears? Then earrings might be a nice gift to give. Look carefully at what kind of earrings she normally wears before picking something out. Earrings partly determine how someone sees you, since they sit by your face. So super important that they fit well and that your daughter likes them. On you will find a lot of earrings, so for sure there is something beautiful in between for your daughter.

A necklace

Then we still have the necklace. A necklace is also a very nice piece of jewelry to give to your daughter. Even with necklaces, by the way, the selection is enormous, so it can be hard to choose. Try to think a little ahead of time about what you’re looking for for your daughter. Think color, length of necklace, with a charm or not. So you can already check off a lot of necklaces and make your choice a little easier.

What kind of jewelry would you gift your daughter?

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