Column – Being productive when the whole family is at home

Column – Being productive when the whole family is at home

The first days we were all home, we had to find a rhythm. I had the idea that I did not get anywhere, all my own chores were left lying around. Still I notice that I am productive when working at home.

Maybe because, again, not that much has changed for me.

Working from home

Working from home is quite normal for me. I haven’t done anything else for years. First as a weight consultant and now for a few years as a blogger.

Still, I usually have the house to myself. I can work all day, be super productive, work on my blog and do the housework. At noon I have a break and eat lunch with the boys and when they get home at three o’clock I usually close my laptop.

Now it is different.

Where I normally work a lot in the morning, I can’t do it now. The boys start their school work at nine o’clock. They start up the laptop and together I look at what needs to be done this day.

Working from home and homeschooling

The boys manage fine with their schoolwork, but have their questions now and then. I sit around and mess around in the house. After the first week the men sat at the dining table with the three of them, the husband has now moved to one of the desks upstairs in the bedrooms, here he has more peace to hold meetings via video connection. So he can also be productive when working from home.

Meanwhile we can just do our thing and keep talking without interfering.

When the boys are well on their way, I can get to work myself. Of course it’s not as quiet as I normally have in the house, but together we manage just fine.

Productive now that I can’t leave the house

Since I can’t go out, there are no events and we ’re only going for a walk in the evening, I am home a lot more and can do quite a bit of work and I feel that I am still quite productive when working at home. Since the guys also have a lot of work, we make sure to take breaks. Every day I make a healthy lunch, because even in these times I like to eat healthy food.

We then sit down together at the table, after which the boys do some school work and I continue with my blog. I do not stop at three o’clock, but often work a bit longer.

Of course my housekeeping goes on as well. Especially now that we are all home together, I do want things to be tidy. After all, the house is big enough, but let’s keep it spacious.

Making time for yourself

I do notice that even in these times I need to make time for myself every now and then. By being together 24/7 I really have to say now and then ‘ now I’m going to work, for example to optimize my blog site, enjoy yourself’ and then of course it is easy that my children are older and can manage themselves just fine.

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