Mamaleest – a new magazine for moms

Mom Reading – a new magazine for moms

Mamaleest, is a magazine packed with reading stories, outings and craft ideas for mothers with children aged 4 to 10 years old. A magazine, created by three moms, that can help us get through this -maybe odd – summer.

‘Mom Reading’ draws mothers and children through the summer

Where normally we are busy planning summer vacations, now we are mostly waiting for what is to come. Can we still go on vacation? In your own country?

Still abroad. Time is uncertain and we all don’t know it. So it is great that there is a new magazine ‘Mamaleest’ that can help mothers and children through the summer.

The women behind ‘Momaleest’

Danielle Kool, Esther van Loon and Katja Tremio-Klarenbeek, three moms and self-employed women made a bold decision: they created a new mom magazine, put all their savings together and had the magazine printed. Mamaleest is a magazine full of great reading stories, outings and craft ideas for mothers with children aged 4 to 10.

This year on Staycation

It is a strange and uncertain time. One in four vacationers, who normally spend their summer vacation abroad, are now considering celebrating it at home. So many families go on a ‘staycation’.

The new magazine Mamaleest jumps on this by treating its readers to home-away tips, indoor and outdoor activities and fun craft ideas. 140 pages of DIY fun and reading.

Momaleest - a new magazine for moms

Free days to spare

Normally parents and children also have to deal with lots of free (school) days. Vacations, strike days, tropical schedule, study days, extra long weekends, holidays and everything in between. On these days you want to have a good time as a family.

That’s why these ladies created a magazine that will make both mothers and children happy.

On sale from June 1

Mamaleest will be in the better bookshops from June 1 (€7.99) and is also available in subscription form (€19.95 for 3 editions!). Fun for yourself or to give another mom as a gift. All information can be found here!

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