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Webshop of the week Popsjes en Co + Winactie! (closed)

As you know I have a new header and logo on Bblogt since a month.nl. The brain behind this design is Lotte from Popsjes en Co. Besides design talent, Lotte also has a super cool webshop. I received a very nice package from Popsjes en Co and I may Giving away a shopping credit!

How nice is that?

Bblogt loves webshops; Popsjes en Co

Popsjes en Co is the über cute name of a very cute webshop. Lotte is the owner of this webshop and she sent me a very nice package. In the webshop you can find awesome cards, posters, stickers and even a booklet. All from the hand of Lotte.

It made me very happy. The cards are all beautiful pictures, with mostly crazy or sweet texts. Lotte’s son once turned a drawing into a Popsje and now there are even cuddly toys and a read-aloud book available of this little doll. We have already read the read aloud book regularly here. The story is recognizable, the drawings are clear and the format is nice and handy.

The latter was especially evident in the last few weeks because the booklet could easily travel with us.

I could ask Lotte a few questions. So please read on and do not forget to look below for the sweepstakes!

Popsjes and Co

Tell us something about the origin of your webshop.
“As is often the case, this website came about because my hobby got somewhat out of hand. In the beginning I drew little dolls. ‘Popsjes’ named by my then 2-year-old son. ‘You have to do something with that’ I heard in my surroundings… Soon there followed a facebook page and darn, people actually ordered paintings with my artwork! From canvas I moved on to textiles, because painting on clothes also turned out to be super cool. Soon I added selling clothes with flockprints to that list.

Handdrawn and handmade of course, until today.
But what could be on clothes, could also be on bibs, caps, crisp cloths etc. So these items were also added to the assortment. I grew out of m’n facebook joints and built my own website.

After two years of trying out a bit of everything on my previous website, this webshop is now my pops place to be. The dolls have become tangible, because they are real cuddly toys. Because of my love of natural, simple materials, the range of toys has also expanded considerably.
You will now find a diverse range of carefully sourced and handmade delicacies! Besides the handmade items and artwork I also started with graphic programs. Just doing and therefore learning a lot. Even to such’s level that I now have a good running birth cards shop, both ready-made cards and custom cards made to the customer's wishes. Also my collection of stationery with designs by my hand is getting bigger and bigger.

So cool!
Because that is what I love to do. Being busy in all areas; from designing the website, to packing orders, from making a personalized shirt to designing a logo.
And you can come to me for that too. Book covers, flyers, business cards and fine illustrations…

pops and co

Where does the name Popsjes and co come from?
“Yes, I often hear that question! Popsjes, with a ‘s’ yes, is also an incredibly crazy name of course! 😉 The name came about because my eldest son, then still young, started calling my drawn dolls ‘Popsjes’. I thought that was a sweet name, so that's how I named my facebook page at the time. As I got more and more customers and webshop was found more and more, it was of course difficult to adapt that existing ‘crazy’ name.

I am still in doubt. Shall I ‘m leave it as it is, or shall I ‘m change it anyway?”

What fun things can we all shop for from you?
“ I started with baby and children items. Paintings and clothes. Now I focus mostly on birth cards, m’n own line of stationery (cards, posters and stickers) and in addition I love to sell a varied assortment of handmade or purchased natural children's items.

Felt toy dolls, pacifier cords from materials without chemical additives, etc. You can also contact me for book covers, logos’s or printing!”

Where do you get your inspiration from?
“As for the items in the shop, I find it very important to sell beautiful, good and preferably natural items. That this doesn't have to be a gewollensok anymore you can see by the assortment. Especially because the target group is the very young, I find it very important to sell safe and good items.

So fair trade, or made by local creatives, free of chemical additives, bit back to basics.

The inspiration for the birth announcement cards comes mostly from the wishes of the parents. A unique birth or wedding card is of course much more fun than an existing one! So I love to hear from customers what their style is, what they like, what they want to radiate… and I will work with that!”

Do you have a personal favorite? Something we can not miss?
Several! I really like the felt buttons! Maybe also because I have 3 sons so I can never really use them in practice, but I always get very happy when they are ordered. But the Pops are also a huge favorite. Both me and the customer.

And my birthday cards of course. Those were my first card designs and we are already on the 8th or 9th reprint… Really super happy with it. They remain very nice as far as I am concerned! (but perhaps I am a bit biased 😉 “

dolls and co

What is your ultimate dream regarding Pops and co?
“I am a doer, not a thinker. Not a dreamer either. I just do.

In everything in m’s life and therefore also in my business. Therefore all options are open and everything remains possible!”


Do you want to order a Popsje, shirt or nice card right now? Join the win action! I may give away €10,- shopping credit from Lotte.

Spend as you see fit in the webshop of Popsjes en Co.

What to do for it?

  • Tell under this article or under the facebook post what you would buy with the shopping credit.
  • For an extra chance to win, like the facebook page of Bblogt.nl
  • Sharing the post is of course totally super.

The competition is closed.

Are you already participating?


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