Giving money as a gift in a fun way- Pin from Pinterest

A fun way to give money as a gift – Pin from Pinterest

You don’t have to go on vacation to give your children a nice summer vacation! With this sentence starts the Kick off of the #mamachallenge2016. Like over 30 other bloggers- join the 2016 Momachallenge and start with the assignment; a nicked pin from Pinterest.


Today we are going to our nephew’s graduation. He got his VWO diploma and we go with him to his school when he collects it. After the good news that he passed, I already sent a card and now he gets an envelope with a little something.

He can buy something for himself.

Popped from pinterest

I find money in an envelope so ordinary. So I wanted to come up with something fun to do with the money. Long live Pinterest. On Pinterest I saw all the fun ideas coming along to fold, roll, decorate the money. You can’t make it up.

One of the assignments of the #mamachallenge2016 is to pick something ‘pic’ from Pinterest and recreate/do it. Fun assignment. I save so much on Pinterest that I could probably use a pin.

Make postcards

The boys recently made their own postcards at school, this was to raise money for school’s Lustrum celebration. Of course I also bought a package of cards and I thought it would be fun to put the money on one of the boys’ homemade cards.

Folding money, child’s play

On Pinterest I found it a pin with an example to fold money in a nice easy way, allowing the oldest to do it herself. Because the idea was pictured step by step, he managed to recreate it just fine. The result will be there!

I glue the heart to the card with a little sticker and the boys will decorate and describe it a little more nicely.

So I may give an envelope with money, but together – we made something nice out of it.

More fun gift-wrapping tips. Take a look here

What did we think of this pin?

The oldest really enjoyed folding the heart from the money. He still had a little trouble folding the top, but after watching this together it worked fine. There are many more ideas on Pinterest, easy ones and difficult ones.

So do you have a birthday or party this vacation and you want to give an envelope of money? Then make something fun and let your child fold the money in a fun way on or in the card. Instead of money, you can also fold with folding leaves and make fun snail mail out of it and send it to grandparents.

Good luck!

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photo lodiblogt/ free image by Bruno /Germany via Pixabay

The pin I used for the assignment pinned from Pinterest comes from simplethoughts

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