Taking the most beautiful photo s for a blog- 6 tips

Taking the best photos’s for a blog- 6 tips

Taking the best photos for a blog is part of blogging. You want to be able to review products and put them on the photo. And then so that they immediately stand out on your site But how to make beautiful photos’s? What do you need? I will give some tips today.

The best photos’s for a blog are made by yourself

Are you trying to optimize your blog site more and more, do you look closely at SEO, are you busy on Social Media and Pinterest, do you use Plug-ins?? Everything to get more visitors to your site. Then you also want beautiful pictures for a blog. Of course you can use free stock photos like Pixabay on your blog. But it is more fun and personal when you make your own photos’s. Now I don’t always have pictures of myself either. Sometimes I blog about a subject I don’t have or can’t take a good picture of, then I use a stock photo. But I prefer to take the pictures myself, it is more personal and I just like to take pictures. But what do you need to make the best photos on a blog?

The camera

Previously you had to have at least an SLR or compact camera, with your cell phone nowadays you can also take very nice pictures for a blog. So you do not need an extra camera besides your phone. But of course you can. It is very personal, what you choose. I myself use a Canon Powershot G7 Mark ii in addition to my mobile phone to take pictures for my blog. I bought this on purpose because at that time I took very little pictures with my mobile and also because this camera is a vlog camera. Because I am increasingly making videos for my YouTube channel, this still comes in handy.

Make your camera your own

Whatever you use for camera to take photos’s for a blog, for each camera counts;’make sure it becomes your own!’Read the instruction manual, look at all the buttons and all the extra’s, see what you can do with it and start experimenting. This allows you to get to know your camera best and you will enjoy it the most.

The most beautiful picture


Also something you can definitely use well as a blogger to take pictures’s, is a tripod. Choose a tripod that is sturdy but lightweight and can be used for an SLR, compact camera or mobile phone. No matter how steady your hand is, a tripod is stable and ensures sharper pictures.

The best picture


Do you want to review products and make nice pictures of them on your blog, then nice backgrounds are also a plus. Ideal for bloggers are the BloggerBlackDrops of Webshop for bloggers. At Webshop for bloggers they specialize in products for bloggers and Social Influencers. With the product photography background of WebshopvoorBloggers.en you have a background set of 5 BloggerBlackDrops. With these BloggerBlackDrops you make professional photos. They are easy to use and because of the different backgrounds you always have one that suits the product you want to photograph.

The most beautiful picture


Besides a background, light is also important when taking beautiful pictures for a blog. Play with the light, when you take photos. You do not have to buy special studio light, first see what you can do with natural light and artificial light at home. Photography is also discovery and above all practice. The best photos for a blog do not just make suddenly, there you can really practice well for a while. Remember that time.

Edit program

Look at your laptop or computer what editing software is standard on it. Here you can often use your photo’s already good to bring color, is this with photography did not succeed.

Be creative

The last and perhaps best tip, be creative. Try, create, practice and play with backgrounds, light and objects. Go outside, take pictures from a different angle or use attributes. Try and do and before you know it you will make the most beautiful photos for a blog.

Take lots of pictures and keep practicing

The advantage with today’s cameras is that you can keep making pictures. Do this too. Take your camera everywhere you go, experiment, keep practicing and above all enjoy taking pictures. Good luck, but with these tips you should succeed!

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