The relevance of pediatric physical therapy

Relevance of pediatric physical therapy

Each child naturally learns in his or her own way. Children learn and discover the world mainly through play. That development usually takes place at a certain pace. Yet child development is not always easy. Some children find making it difficult, for example, to make a certain movement. Other children fail to master specific skills. In that case child physiotherapy often offers a solution.

Why a doctor refers a child to a physical therapist

As a parent, you can get signals in various ways that things are not going quite right with your son or daughter. You may have gotten some feedback from the school your child attends or notice a developmental delay yourself. It is always a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor. There are several reasons why a family doctor refers a child to a pediatric physiotherapist. Often movement problems are involved after an accident, illness or disability.

What can a pediatric physical therapist do for children?

A paediatric physiotherapist can do something for your son or daughter in various ways. It is important that despite a condition or illness, a child is able to make the most of the opportunities available to them. Sometimes children fail to keep up with practicing skills at school. Writing may be difficult or moving smoothly is just not possible. A child may also suffer from asthma or be a bit panicky. And of course injuries can occur during sports. In all such cases it is nice if a child can visit a pediatric physiotherapist.

How kids can prevent simple injuries

Many injuries to children are sustained during sports and games. Children simply have more brittle bones than adults. A paediatric physiotherapist will investigate exactly where it goes wrong. Does the child move in a certain way that may not be convenient? A physical therapist not only gives instructions and advice, but also does exercises together with a child. Sometimes this is done with toys appropriate to the age of the child in question. The starting point is always the development of the child.

Preventing sports injuries

Sports injuries in children can be prevented by proper warm-up and wearing proper sportswear. Still got an injury? Always visit the doctor. Do you doubt whether it is worthwhile to take your son or daughter to the pediatric physiotherapist for a successful recovery process?? Of course you can always consult your doctor or specialist for appropriate advice.

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