The latest accessories and gadgets for your mobile phone

What are the latest accessories and fun gadgets for your mobile?

Do you also love handy accessories and fun gadgets for your mobile? Usually it’s the young people who want to be seen with these, but we adults can also do something with them. A cell phone, we cannot live without it. But what are useful accessories and fun gadgets? You can read it here.

Everything starts with a good cover

You can still have the latest accessories and nicest gadgets for your phone, everything starts with a good phone case. Often you have a preference for a model. And it does not matter what brand of phone you have, there is a huge choice and for everyone a model, color and design to your liking. Just as important, is a screen protector. Mobiles cost what and they are in this way well protected is a small effort.

More and more gadgets with your phone

In 2003 I got my first mobile phone and although now I think ‘I can’t live without it,’ at the time I thought more ‘what should I do with this?’ At that time, cell phones were still model refrigerator and here you really had no accessories or fun gadgets with it. How different is this. Not only our mobile usage has totally changed, from young to old has a mobile and you have many more extra’s for your mobile.

The cutest gadgets for your mobile

What are nice gadgets for your mobile phone?? Fun gadgets for us, but also definitely for the youngsters are an AirTag from Apple or the Galaxy SmartTag. What exactly is this:

AirTag from Apple

Do you always lose your keys or can’t find your wallet?? Then the AirTag from Apple is for you. This means you never have to look for your stuff for a long time. You click the AirTag to your keys and put another in your bag. They automatically appear on the map in the ‘Find My’ app. You can also do this with your wallet. If what you are looking for is nearby, for example under the couch or in the room next to you, you only have to rely on the sound. And otherwise you see exactly which direction you have to go and how far it is.

Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag actually works the same way. Bluetooth-enabled SmartTags easily hang from keys, bags or even your pet. If you think the lost item is nearby, you can press the ring button on your mobile phone. The sound will go off. If it is not nearby, you will be taken to your belongings.

Card Holders

Many don’t take a wallet on trips these days. A card holder for your cards is ideal. For example, you have a universal card holder from Ringk. This is easy to attach to your phone with an adhesive strip.

Useful accessories

Besides being fun, useful is also wise. Because how can you protect your mobile even better than you might already do??

Shoulder strap for phones

A handy accessory for a mobile phone is a shoulder strap. This is super easy if you are afraid to drop your beautiful and expensive camera while taking pictures. And if you’d rather not have a shoulder strap, opt for a hand wrist strap.

Waterproof Case

With the heavy rain in the winter months, my boys have had their phones get wet a few times in their backpacks. Ideal then could be a water-resistant case for your phone. Not only easy for when it rains, but also for a day at the beach. The cases are easy to close with a cord. Water, but also sand can not hurt your phone anymore.

Take care of your stuff

Gadgets for your cell phone can be fun like the AirTag, but certainly also convenient. We always have a cell phone with us and it is something to take care of.

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