Uncertainty around vacation seasons in the new year

Uncertainty surrounding vacations in the new year

In the spring I can go to Austria for a skiing holiday? What are the chances that I can fly to America during the May vacations?? These are typical examples of questions that many Dutch families are currently facing. There is a lot of uncertainty around vacations. .

Uncertainty about vacation periods

Concerns about the new omikron variant mean that much is still uncertain. The omikron variant is said to be much more contagious than the delta variant, which has been active in the Netherlands for several months now. In fact, the infectivity is said to be so high that the omikron variant may have driven out the delta variant by early 2022.

Many countries have now tightened corona rules to arm themselves against a rapidly increasing number of infections.

Winter vacation to Austria difficult in December

The Christmas vacation at the end of December is the time for many families to travel to Austria for a winter sports vacation. Switzerland and northern Italy, for example, are also popular among winter sports enthusiasts. This year is different; Austria, for example, has tightened the rules considerably. A tourist must first be quarantined if he or she has not yet received a booster shot. For many Dutch people, reason to look for opportunities to postpone winter sports vacations until spring break in 2022.

It is expected that many of the Dutch will have received their booster shot during that vacation, as the pace of injections has picked up considerably in recent times.

At the end of January, all over-18s may be pricked

The current goal is to have given a booster shot to all over-18s who want it at least by January. The question is whether this is realistic, with increasing pressure on the GGD’s puncture sites and limited staffing levels.

No winter sports but a sun vacation at Easter

Not everyone chooses a winter sports vacation in the spring of the new year. Many people are heading for southern Europe for a vacation in the sun during the Easter vacations of 2022. Popular destinations include the Spanish and Portuguese islands, of which Tenerife, Ibiza and Madeira are good examples.

The Greek islands are also traditionally in demand. Think Crete and Kos. Several travel agents have already seen a sharp increase in bookings for spring 2022.

Interestingly, the May vacation is used by many families for a vacation outside Europe. Reason may be missed vacations abroad and having more savings available to afford a vacation to the U.S. or Australia.

Battle with a new mutation

The outbreak of the new mutation means that many families are still keeping a low profile. Only shortly before the vacation period will it be clear whether the vacation can actually go ahead. Travel agents strongly recommend keeping a close eye on government travel advisories.

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