Column – Don’t give up on your dreams!

Column – Don’t give up on your dreams!

Dreams! Do you still have them? Dare to dream.

Don’t we put them aside too soon these days? Why actually? Can and may we still dream?

Let’s make them come true, join in?

Wonderful moms’s

Recently I received a set of cards from Beautiful Mommy’s and one of these cards says: ‘Never give up on your dreams’ And this sentence made me think. Thinking about dreams. Cause I actually still dream?

Do we give up on our dreams too soon

I wonder sometimes. Do we give up on our dreams too soon? And what are dreams?.

When do these start? I used to have a dream. Well one, of course I had more. But one dream was very clear.

I wanted to go away for a while after my nursing studies.

To foreign countries. My dream was to go to Paris and become an au-pair, but I didn’t speak French. So that dream faded before my eyes. Still I wanted to leave.

And I adapted my dream.

Instead of going to Paris, I went backpacking in Australia for a year. My dream came true after all.

Modifying dreams

And that’s what I did learn. Sometimes you have to adjust your dreams. If not to the left, then to the right.

I never dreamed I would have my own blog site one day. Although writing has always been my passion. When I became a nurse, I thought I would always do this. Until the arrival of the boys.

The first few years I worked as a team leader in the hospital, but when caring for the boys (due to their chronic illness) became too much of a burden, I stopped working and became a stay-at-home mom.

Never thought it but it happened and in fact I am only now, after all these years, doing what I have always dreamed of doing. Namely writing.

Do you dare

The question is, do you dare to dream?. We live in a world that is currently beyond our control. We are currently being lived.

And that’s for our health, it’s good.

We put aside our own needs for a moment and think of our fellow human beings. But also this time also makes me realize that we are vulnerable, we the people. Then shouldn’t we go out and enjoy life and do what we want to do?.

Let’s park this for now, but agree that -when this is all over- we will enjoy ourselves and make our dreams come true.

Inspire yourself

And that such a card, that you may receive, can be such an inspiration for thought! And the nice thing is, you can send these cards too. Besides this card, which made me think, there were 5 other beautiful cards in this set.

Cards I’m going to send to women who deserve it. Because they ‘re power women’ may get a little love or because it’s their birthday.

Buy this set of cards from Beautiful Mama’s? They’re €1.95 each, or 6 for €10.

Win a set of cards

You can also win this set of cards. On Instagram I have a win action. Look for the conditions on my Instagram site.

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