Children’s Book Week robot

DIY Children's book week robot

Children's book week is in full swing. The emphasis is on nature, technology and science and of course that includes a robot. Last Saturday we went to see a real robot so we have plenty of inspiration.

Together with the little man I made a very cool robot. Do you also like to do something with the theme of this Children's Book Week?? Read on to see how we made a robot.


Children's Book Week Robot

Between the core titles of the Kinderboekenweek you can find a book about Botje. A very cute book by Janneke Schotveld about Bibi finding a girl robot. A very exciting book for children 6 years and older.

Of course a robot really goes with the theme so we got to work ourselves.

We collected a lot of stuff. Again a pack of baby food, which we previously made a birdhouse out of. Some empty boxes, buttons, paper, toilet rolls, scissors and glue.

In the process itself we added some more materials such as straws, pipe cleaners, aluminum foil and the glue gun.

First we looked at how we wanted to put the robot together. We chose to make the body from the package of baby food and the head from a box. Together we pasted everything with paper and the little man cut hair from cardboard.

While he glued these onto the robot's head, I glued the whole thing together with the glue gun.

This is a lot stronger than regular glue. With pipe cleaners and corrugated cardboard we made the hands and feet and with straws I made the ears. The toddler had figured out that the robot should have the same eye as his minion.

So we made one eye out of a toilet roll. Some more buttons on the belly and as icing on the cake, little man crafted a hat out of toilet roll. And ready was the special Children's Book Week robot.

children's book week

The robot is now displayed next to the seasonal tree in the room. This way we have a very cozy theme table.

Have you ever made a robot?

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