The tastiest DIY summer drinks for the backyard

The most delicious DIY summer drinks for the backyard

If we have to stay home for the summer, let’s make sure we take good care of ourselves as well. What about summer drinks to which you only have to add water, liqueur or alcohol. That you can enjoy in your own backyard.

New DIY summer drinks for the backyard.

Of course, spending this summer in your own country and backyard doesn’t have to be a problem at all. And so let’s enjoy the beautiful weather and- of course at the by now familiar one and a half feet distance- our family and friends. Because enjoying homemade iced tea, sangria, a mocktail or cocktail together is certainly possible again. Pineut comes up with new summer drinks to make yourself in the backyard.

A do it yourself drink

Pineut’s summer drinks are fun to give and get. Because making your own drinks is always fun, of course. But after all the time you’ve missed them, it’s especially nice to enjoy tasty summer drinks with a few friends together in the backyard

The tastiest do-it-yourself summer drinks for the backyard

Do it yourself summer drinks

Pineut’s do-it-yourself summer drinks are available in (reusable) carafes and in convenient (refill) jars. The mixes consist of carefully chosen summer ingredients, in ideal proportions. You place your order and add liquor, alcohol or water at home. Just wait and enjoy a delicious summer drink!

The tastiest do-it-yourself summer drinks for the backyard

If we can’t go to Spain

You can choose which summer drink you want to go for and depending on the choice, a homemade summer drink will be ready within half an hour. By the way, the red sangria is the quickest to make. Open the jar or carafe and the house fills with scents of strawberry, dried apple, blueberry and orange slices. Add your own red wine, sparkling water and some ice cubes, let it stand for half an hour: the Sangria is ready! If we can’t go to Spain, we’ll just bring Spain here. Extra tasty: add a dash of brandy or triple sec liqueur. OlĂ©!

Do you already know Pineut?

Pineut is more than just these summer drinks. It’s actually a hobby that got out of hand for Femke and Marlies. Two friends who love flavors, herbs and spices. What once started with a little experimenting in the attic has grown into the leading DIY brand in the Netherlands!

So, are you still looking for an original gift or do you find it difficult to think of a nice drink yourself or do you just want to treat yourself?? Then be sure to take a look at Pineut’s site!

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