The cutest dresses and shirts buy online now

Buy the best dresses and shirts online now

Now that we cannot go to the stores, the stores will come to us. You can store online. The cutest dresses and shirts for spring and summer can be found online, and let’s face it, we should indulge ourselves a little now, right??

Buying clothes

These are strange weeks at the moment. Being at home together, staying inside as much as possible and going outside only in the backyard. The first weeks I had a hard time. I was scared, anxious and saw it all in black. This was reflected in my clothes. I wore many dark colors, no make-up and did not feel like doing anything to myself. Until I suddenly realized what a nonsense this was. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. But I always work at home. And then I always make sure I am well dressed and well groomed. So it’s about time I did something about myself.

It’s time for spring dresses

And now the beautiful weather of the past few weeks was really helping out. The sunshine does a man good, although we can only enjoy it in the backyard. At least we can go outside. Now I was shopping before we had to stay inside. I really needed new clothes. I don’t say that easily, but it was really necessary this time. Since September I eat low-carb and this has helped me lose 8 kilos. When I looked in my closet, I saw very few clothes that still fitted well. A lot of my clothes were too wide and I had a lot of them for years.

Where to store?

I live in a village, here I never manage to find clothes. However a town further on has enough clothes stores and here is a store where I always succeed. It is a store with my favorite brands. They have clothes from Only and Vera Moda. But in the store, they also have a shop-in-shop of My Jewellery.

The bohemian style

Now it so happens that my clothing style has changed over the past year. This is partly because I have lost weight, but also because since last year I have been wanting more color in my clothes. I am wearing more and more the Bohemian style. But also live the bohemian lifestyle. I wear a lot of long dresses, wide skirts, dresses with trumpet sleeves and shirts with wide sleeves. I wear a lot of jewelry. This style of clothing makes me feel good and comfortable

The nicest dresses and shirts you can buy online now

Spring and summer clothes

So before we had to stay inside at the beginning of March, I enthusiastically bought clothes from the Only brand. Not knowing that the weather would be nice so soon and I could at least wear the shirts at the beginning of April. The only thing I was still looking for, after having really taken care of my wardrobe this winter, were some long-sleeved dresses. Dresses that I can actually wear in spring now.

Shopping online

Now I am always a bit anxious when I go shopping online. I like to try on clothes before I buy them. But now we have to stay inside. And if I want a new dress, I’ll have to store online anyway. Well I already wrote that in my favorite store also has a shop-in-shop store of My Jewellery, I always take a look here. I love the clothes and jewelry from My Jewellery. They have many clothes that fit the Bohemian style, lots of color, wide skirts, dresses, pantsuits and more. Online on the site I found two dresses that are totally my style.

A blouse dress

I bought this blouse dress on sale, it might be more autumnal than spring colors, but I think it works fine now too. Now with boots underneath and when the weather gets nicer, with heels. The dress has a belt in the waist and buttons along the length. There is a button on the arms so you can wear the sleeves up as well. What I really like at My Jewellery is that underneath the item is a collection of what you can style it with. There is also a skirt of this fabric or hair bands.

Midi dress ruffles & paisley print

I also bought a wrap dress. This dress caught my eye immediately because of the shape and the sleeves. I love these so much. A flouncy and playful dress. The dress falls over the knee and is longer at the back than the front, with a bow that you tie at the side. There is a small button at the bosom so the dress stays put.

My Jewellery currently has no shipping costs when you place an order, which makes shopping even more fun!

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